The Consumer Council is the interest and service organization for all consumers in Norway. The business is divided into three parts:

Interest and Services Organization in Norway

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The Consumer Council formulates consumer policy positions in order for the authorities and the business community to provide consumers with better framework conditions.

The Consumer Council runs information activities that both enable people to manage themselves, and is an important part of opinion formation.

The Consumer Council helps people with complaints.

People with payment or debt problems

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The Consumer Council has prepared a number of fact sheets on various topics that are of interest to consumers. This also applies to people with payment or debt problems. The information is easily understandable and useful for both the debtor and the case manager. if you would like more information about the council, please contact the Consumer Council, PO Box 8104 Dep., 0032 Oslo.

State Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO)
SIFO is a professional center for research, experimentation and research to the benefit of consumers. The Institute is subject to the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs. SIFO has been very involved in the topic of debt and payment problems. They have prepared a number of reports, in addition to standard rates for subsistence in Norwegian households. Today, the rates are guiding the extrajudicial debt work.

SIFO has prepared and provides computer programs with a complete overview of all case law and other legal sources in this field (the ERU model). The program contains: The Debt Settlement Act, the regulations and Ot .prp. No. 811991-92 and No. 33 1992-93, Ernst. 0. No. 911991-92 and no. 63 199 1-93 as well as a selection of statements from the BFD on the interpretation of the Debt Settlement Act. The program also includes a handbook in practical case handling and comments and interpretations of the individual statutes in the Debt Settlement Act.