This is for those who are looking for consumer loans and who are homeowners. Buying a house in itself is a huge expense and many have to borrow millions to cover this purchase. Although the house is expensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is in tip top condition.

Maybe the bedrooms need repainting?

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Maybe you have to expand the living room? Or invest in new windows? There is a lot to think about when you become a homeowner. And there are often large expenses involved, whether in the house or around the property.

What is for sure, as a homeowner you can get very favorable consumer loans. A consumer loan can cover the expenses incurred in renovating in or around the house. Or maybe you want to go away? Which may be a little difficult to get done without extra money when you have just bought a home.

A consumer loan can be used for whatever you want

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So whether you need new furniture or pay for a trip, you can do it with a consumer loan. If you take the consumer loan in the bank you have the mortgage on, the bank sees that you have a house to provide as collateral.

This means that they can offer you a much lower interest rate than if you did not own a house. This is because the risk becomes lower when the bank has collateral in the loan. This can save you thousands of dollars when you have to repay this consumer loan once.

Normally, the bank provides consumables from NOK 50,000 – 350,000. Of course, this depends on you and your personal finances. And you should definitely think about how necessary it is for you to take an extra loan. You have a mortgage loan from before. Think carefully. If you still want to take out a consumer loan, you should not borrow more than what you need. Set a budget on the expenses you want to cover with a future loan. This way you can see exactly how much money you need.