Thanks to this type of credits it is possible to access financing of up to € 1000 without endorsement and the best, without having to carry out a large amount of paperwork or submit an infinity of documents. It is important to clarify that quick loans with ASNEF are basically unsecured loans, which means that the person requesting does not need to have an endorsement to obtain financing, which can certainly be obtained even in 10 minutes.

The application process for payday loans is carried out through the Internet from the official website of the financial company that offers this type of loans.

Where can I get fast loans with ASNEF or RAI?

This type of financing is available through financial companies that provide online mini-credits focused on people that appear registered in the files of defaulters of ASNEF or RAI. It is also common that it is possible to apply for this financing in car pawn companies, which operate through the Internet.

Get fast loans with ASNEF or RAI

Unlike what happens when a loan is requested in a bank or savings bank, requesting fast loans with ASNEF or RAI is a really simple and hassle-free process. Everything is carried out by sending an application form that is filled in from the official website of the financial company that offers this financing.

The response to the request for the quick credit is usually immediate, so it is common for the applicant to have its effect in only 15 minutes. This may vary depending on the financial company, but usually, it does not take a long time to approve the financing and notify the requesting party through an SMS text message or by email, that your money has already been transferred to your bank account

Compare quick credit offers

We already mentioned that the process to request this type of quick loans is not complicated and is done in a few minutes. Before choosing a financial company to apply for a loan, it is very important that you make sure to do an investigation in which you compare the different available offers of quick loans without payroll and with ASNEF or RAI. You must compare the available options taking into account your current needs not only of money but also of solvency.

Fundamentally check the amount of money you can borrow, in addition to the repayment terms and interest that you must pay for the loan. It is also important to note that often, these financial companies do not accept people who appear in the ASNEF or RAI lists as a result of not having settled a previous loan or have a debt greater than that specified in their requirements.

Fast online credit application

When you have already selected the financial company that offers you the best fast credit with ASNEF or RAI, access the website of that company and then simply click on the “Request” button. This will take you directly to the form where you must provide your personal information, including your name and surname, your date and place of birth, gender, marital status, as well as contact information such as your email, mobile phone, among others.

Of course, you must also specify the amount of money you want, as well as the return period. It is also necessary to provide a bank account to have the credit transfer done once it is approved.

Verify the information provided

For the application of one of these quick credits to be in 10 minutes and at the same time be a success, the financial company needs to verify that the information you have provided is true. In these cases, it is possible that you are required some documents that you can also send online via email.

Credit transfer

When the data of your application has been verified and after it has been approved, then the financial company will notify you that your money has been transferred to the bank account you provided. This is usually done by a text message to your mobile phone or also with an email message.

Quick loans with ASNEF or RAI – Advantages

When we talk about a quick credit with ASNEF or RAI, we refer to a type of financing focused on solving specific emergencies. That is, it is a quick and convenient way to get money instantly, without having to go through the entire concession process, paperwork, and paperwork that must be done when a loan is requested at a bank or savings bank.

One of the main characteristics and also, one of the reasons why these urgent loans have become so popular, has to do with the requirements that the applicant must meet are the minimum and it does not matter that it is listed in a file of Defaulters such as the ASNEF or RAI.

Things to keep in mind before applying for fast loans with ASNEF

creditos asnef It is true that quick loans with ASNEF offer you a convenient way to obtain quick money to meet specific needs or emergencies. However, this type of financing is really an expensive financial product that only suits if you have sufficient solvency to settle it within the stipulated delivery times.

Probably the most advisable thing is that you get financing by other means before opting for quick credits. Of course, it is also very advisable that you do everything possible to get out of the ASNEF list of defaulters, since that way you will have more opportunities to get more and better loans even without interest.

How to leave ASNEF or RAI

Without a doubt, the most important advice to leave ASNEF is simply to pay the debt you owe. This is, in fact, the fastest way to remove your name from the list of defaulters, since this way you can notify the financial company of your intention to disappear from the file of defaulters.

In fact, article 41.1 of Royal Decree 1720/2007, determines that the payment or fulfillment of the debt will mean the immediate cancellation of all information related to it. This means that the financial company will have the obligation to contact ASNEF to request that it eliminate all data related to the non-payment that they have registered.

Another way out of ASNEF is to use the Organic Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, which allows you access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the information contained in the files of defaulters. You can specify the reason why you demand your right to cancel and argue why you believe the debt it is not true. For this, you must provide all the corresponding documentation to validate what has been said.

Finally, you can also simply wait until all the information related to your debt is removed from the file. This will happen only after six years have elapsed, which is the maximum period allowed by law, to keep a record of non-payment in ASNEF.